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Sheet Music Collection of Lucid Dreamin' I and II - Original Piano Solos

All the original Piano Solos from Lucid Dreamin' I and II in digital PDF format. A huge 37% discount from the original retail price of the individual PDF's.


Own the sheet music for all the original compositions from both Lucid Dreamin' EP's along with high qulaity Front and Back covers for you to make in to your own book if you so wish.


You will also learn a little more about Wayne Wilkins, the composer behind the Arelius project in this download

  • Lucid Dreamin' I & II - The Original Piano Solos

    Songs include

    1. Waltz of Angels

    2. Storm Trooper

    3. Lucid Dreamin'

    4. Dimensions

    5. Wonder

    6. One Last Story 

    7. Masquerade

    8. Jupiter Rising 

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