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'Dimensions' is the first song from my 2nd Arelius EP - Lucid Dreamin' II
My favourite way to write music is to be in a place where I'm not using the conscious part of my brain. I often find that due to the sheer amount of music I listen to, when I manage to reach the right state of mind, music just flows out much like having a conversation but with music notes instead of words. "Dimensions" is really a piece of music to do with perspective. 

I am finding that more and more an object or life situation can be viewed in so many ways. I was somewhere in my mind thinking about how if children see a puddle they have to jump in it and that its a little sad adults view that same puddle as more of a nuisance/inconvenience. How great is it to be able to see it as fun and a happy place to stand ! I want to go back there :)


*offer only excludes the arrangement of "Over the Rainbow" due to copyright law