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Storm Trooper - Sheet Music by Arelius

"Storm Trooper" - Amaze Your Friends with this in your repertoire. Even if you have only been playing the piano for a few years


The goal has been to reach a younger crowd with Classical music as well as existing Classical Music Lovers. Storm Trooper is a piece that has drawn many people to the Arelius Project 


Wayne shares knowledge with you from all of his successful songs through this piece of sheet music. You will naturally get a feel of what people love to hear in the Melody, Structure and Harmony. Or, Just enjoy playing it for yourself !!


If you LOVE the piano, play this at one of your concerts and see the reaction or engage young students and piano players with it 


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  • About Storm Trooper

    The Sheet Music by Arelius


    The Original Piano Score

    Buy the Original Piano Score of "Storm Trooper". This sheet music has been made available early by popular demand because the recording has streamed 100's of Thousands of times already, if not Millions by the time you come to read this.

    Like all of the other Arelius Compositions you will learn not only the notes of this majestic piece of music but also the harmonic structure and patterns used in some of Wayne's Platinum Winning Songs. A must have for composition students and those interested in contemporary popular piano.