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Winter - Arelius Piano Solo

"Winter" is the 2nd track from the Sleepwalker EP. This EP was inspired by Wayne's summer trip back to London where grew up and started his career. 


Wayne spent a few days walking around the city and he took a walk to the "Tower of London", Knowing the history of this place along with the black ravens and bad weather that particular dayi made him think of the Game of Thrones television series. London was a rather ruthless place back in the old days !!! "Winter" was a composed later that evening. It now has over 1 MILLION streams on Spotify along with some of the other pieces from the Sleepwalker Collection


You can hear the Arelius piano recording HERE 


You can purchase the whole Sleepwalker collection of for $17.99. It will save you 25% on the individual PDF's. "Winter" is included in the collection. CLICK HERE